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Page 01
BG Text: Byoudouin vs. Tokugawa! The Fated Ultimate Showdown! Now is the time to settle it!!
Golden age 112: Their Past

Page 02
Audience: The shorty and he arent here?
Duke: Its not good to keep the boss waiting around like this
Byoudouin: Im tired of waiting!

Page 03 04
Byoudouin: TokugawaIm gonna kill you

Page 05
Ryoga: My lessons end hereWhats the matter ChibisukeLets do this!
Ryoga: I do want to take you on after all

Page 06
Ryoga: If you've gotten stronger

Page 07
Ryoma: Why don't you see for yourself then

Page 08
Ryoga: Kakaka
(TN: His laugh)
Ryoga: Just a few days ago, while we were on our overseas campaign for the U-17, we stopped by a Tennis Academy
Ryoga: Those guys saw you on a DVD there laughing and acting all cocky like you are now

Page 09
Ryoga: Hey Chibisuke!
Ryoga: Since youve just been rotting away here, your big brother decided to come and comfort you
Ryoma: ThanksI guess
Ryoma: Are you really my older brother?
Ryoga: About that
Ryoga: Thats from back when you were so much smaller than you are now..

Page 10
Nanjirou: Listen up Ryoga
Nanjirou: Starting today Im your dad

Page 11
Nanjirou: And this guy is your little brother, Ryoma
Ryoga: Thanks for having me, Chibisuke!
Ryoga: Hehe
Nanjirou: Dont be so shy
Nanjirou: Especially since well all be living under the same roof from now on

Page 12
Nanjirou: Oh, you should play tennis
Nanjirou: Through tennis, words aren't needed
BG Text: Echizen Nanjirous Style for how to raise kids!!

Page 01
Golden age 113: Big Brother and Little Brother
Ryoga: Here ya go
Ryoga: How do ya like this one! Kakkakakkaka!!
BG Text: The Bond between siblings is being raised with tennis!!
Ryoma: Hey! Play seriously!
Ryoga: No way!

Page 02
Ryoma: Hey, lets have a real match (small text: A Real Match)
Ryoga: I dont wanna
Ryoga: Cause youre way too weak, Chibisuke
Ryoma: Thats not true! Lets do it! (Small text: A real match)
Ryoga: Once you get stronger
Ryoma: Why don't you see for yourself then?

Page 03
Ryoga: Wahahahaha
Ryoma: What?
Ryoga: I sure got a cheeky little brother!
Ryoma: Owthat hurts, Nii-chan!
Ryoma: Lets have a real match! A Real one!
Ryoga: No way

Page 04
(No Text)

Page 05
(No Text)

Page 06
(No Text)

Page 07
Ryoga: Heeey! Chibisukeeee!
Ryoga: Hurry up with the cleaning so we can go play!!
Ryoga: Chibisukeee!
Nanjirou: Ryoga
Ryoga: Ah! Whats wrong dad?
Ryoga: Dad?
Ryoga: ImMoving?

Page 08
Nanjirou: Thats rightYoure gonna be moving in
Nanjirou: with your aunt
Nanjirou: I was just served by a lawyerIm sorry
Ryoga: I
Ryoga: Imnot gonna be Chibisukes older brother anymore?

Page 09
Nanjirou: Theres no change in the fact that youre connected by blood
Nanjirou: Even if youre separatedYoull always be Ryomas older brother
(TN: HA! I called it! It seems Ryoga is a kid from one of Nanjirous previous relationship and his mother died)
Ryoma: Nii-chan!
Ryoma: Where are you Nii-chan? We should have a real match today!
Nanjirou: What are you going to do about Ryoma?
Nanjirou: Will you tell him yourself?
Nanjirou: Youll be leaving one week from now
BG Text: A Sudden Goodbye

Page 01
BG Text: The time of their parting is soon
Ryoma: Hey Nii-chan, I was just with mom and she said
Ryoga: Never mind that, I have something I need to talk to you about, Chibisuke
Ryoma: OkayWhat is it?
Ryoga: ummmYou know
Golden age 114: Orange

Page 02
Ryoga: ItIt was nothing (small text: Kakakaka)
Ryoga: So what did mom have to say?
Ryoma: Oh right, Mom said
Nanjirou: You stillhaven't told Ryoma?

Page 03
Nanjirou: Its time for the driver to take you to the airport
Ryoga: ..
Nanjirou: I get itIll tell Ryoma my
Ryoga: NoNo, you cant!!
Ryoga: Shit!
Ryoga: Ummm
Nanjirou: Whatre you doing Ryoga?

Page 04
Ryoga: Im going to see Chibisuke
Ryoma: Eh?
Ryoma: Really!? Youll have a real match with me!?

Page 05
Ryoga: But theres a condition
Ryoga: Im gonna throw this orange into the ocean and you have to go fetch it
Ryoma: Okay!
Ryoga: Okay, here I go
Ryoma: Im not gonna lose!!

Page 06
Ryoma: Yes! I won!!

Page 07-08
Ryoma: Huh? Nii-chan
Ryoma: Whats going on? Where are you going, Nii-chan!!?
Ryoma: Why are you getting in that car!?

Page 09
Ryoga: Its been fun
Ryoga: Chibisuke
Ryoma: Whatre you saying!? Nii-chan will always be my Nii-chan, right!?
Ryoma: Nii-chanWait

Page 10
Ryoma: Nii-chaaaaaaaaaan!!
Orange: Keep playing Tennis. Well both keep getting stronger

Page 11
Orange: and one day the time will come when well meet again
Ryoma: Whats wrong?
Ryoga: Nothing

Page 12
Ryoga: I was just thinking Id finally have one with you, Chibisuke
Ryoga: A Real Match
Ryoma: !
Ryoma: Now youre talking.
Ryoma: Eh?
Ryoma: A Real
Ryoma: Match?
Ryoma: Huh?
Ryoga: Whats the matter?
Ryoga: Chibisuke

Page 13-14
Tokugawa: Im convinced now
Tokugawa: Ive become too strong

Page 15-16
Byoudouin: .
Byoudouin: Youre trying to sail the huge ocean with such a small ship
BG Text: The King, Byoudouin dauntlessly takes on the Glowing Shot fired by Tokugawa!!

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